Are you stuck at home with no clue about what to do? Does time seem to not move at all. Well, here are some super fun things to do during lock down. Be sure to read till the end as some of these ideas can turn out to be really productive as well.


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You might have seen many of your friends become quarantine chefs, well, its not a bad idea after all. In fact, learning to cook is a really handy skill for obvious reasons. You can be an experimental chef exploring different cuisines or just a humble cook making simple yet scrumptious recipes. You can also use your cooking skills as venture into social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Indoor Games:

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If you have family who is equally as bored as you, Why haven’t you tried indoor games yet? If you have board games with you then good for you but, not all indoor games have to board games. There are plenty of other games like Joot, cards such as Ash and Rummy (P.S there are many other games played with cards as well), treasure hunt, truth or dare, pen fight, and many more simple board games which can be DIY. This is not only a fun way to spend time but also paves way for great family interaction, especially when you have small kids at home. When you are done with all this you can get back to your mobile games, but I promise this is a lot more fun.

Get a new hobby:

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Most of us would already have so many different hobbies, but how long has it been since you tried something new. This quarantine has been hard on us all but, its a great opportunity to start something new. If your hobby is reading books try something else like writing or even music. There are plenty of new skills to explore and learn, who knows it could even turn out to be your secret talent. Hobbies related to art, music, dance or literary skills are worth a try. V-logging, blogging, video editing and animation graphics are not only the most explored zones now but they can also be a career path if you are talented in it.

Learn something new and even earn online:

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This quarantine is all about realizing that nothing is permanent and starting a lot of things afresh. That also includes learning something new, like a new skill. There are so many things which can add to your productivity and can still be entertaining. Like learning to code, or learning a new language, try new online courses related to your favorite fields. This knowledge can actually help you earn money online especially, in such a pandemic where a second income is always important.

Movies and web series:

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You don’t have to come online to know that you can pass time by watching movies. Half of the world is already doing that. But, have you tried breaking from your regular kind of movies and explored new genres or languages. Trust me you would be surprised at how diverse movies and web series are. Try finding a movie from a different language or a web series of a different theme, it might even become your new binge. With the myriad number of movie options you always have something fresh to watch.

Catch up with family and friends:

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We always wanted to catch up with our family and friends, have heart-felt conversations and a lot of fun but seldom get the time to do so. This quarantine has given us all the time to get together with our loved ones and relive the fun memories we once had. So, get your phones, dial the numbers and have the reunion you always wanted. This pandemic has gotten the worst of us but let’s stay together with all the hope to get out of this as soon as possible. Stay safe! Stay happy!